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Schools Reopen As Parents Purchase CBC Grade 6 Text Books And School Uniforms At Exorbitant Prices.



Bookshops are full with clients seeking to buy books and school uniforms in Mombasa as Parents  make the last minute rush to shop for their children.


Parents whose children are joining grade 6  expressed concerns over high prices of books and school uniforms, a phenomenon that has overstretched budgets in their households. This year’s CBC pioneer class will be entering grade six in April.


The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, KICD, has released a list of approved textbooks in each subject in order to make the transition process as smooth as possible.


They also complained of the difficulties they have been experiencing in finding the  books required by the schools, especially those of grade six.


While most of the books were  not available in the bookshops, some parents said, those available cost high. The least priced books goes for 500 shillings. The learners are required to purchase a number of books for the new curriculum, some difficult to find in the bookshops.


Monicah Mutua, one of the traders selling school uniforms, said that since the corona pandemic hit the country, businesses were hardly hit. She says few customers have been able to purchase school items from her shop.


“I am appealing to the government to cushion traders by lowering taxes so that we can be able to sustain our businesses, everything the price is high home commodities, fuel, electrity bills and even V. A.T we can not only invest our little earnings to school products our business are affected,” she said.


Felix Aluoch, from Rescue bookshops in Mombasa said that there is a shortage of the new CBC curriculum books owing to lack of supply from publishers.


“I think the publisher published less books and the new books are not available now especially for grade six some are not ready from publisher and most are out of stock and it’s a challenge to parents because when they come with the list they can’t get the books,” Said Mr. Aluoch.




Lectures on Nuclear Industry Development Attended by more than 300 African Applicants from South Africa




CAPE TOWN, South Africa,

A series of open lectures by leading scientists from the supporting universities of Rosatom ( was held for school children and students from South Africa on March 31. The purpose of the event was to show students and future applicants the relevance of the challenges facing the nuclear industry, as well as the professional and career potential for talented young people in Africa in the field of nuclear energy. The lectures were organized by the University of Johannesburg, University of Cape Town, Johannesburg Forest Town School, Roosevelt High school  together with Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (PFUR), Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU), MEPhI, MISIS with the assistance of the State Corporation Rosatom.

Leading nuclear experts – Dr. Vera Verkhoturova of Tomsk Polytechnic University, Prof. Vasily Kornoukhov of MEPhI and Prof. Andrey Polisan of MISIS participated in the online lecture. The school children listened to a general lecture on the potential of the nuclear energy and jobs of the future.

As for the lectures for the students, the experts relying on scientific research and practical experience shared their knowledge and opinion on the most important and urgent issues – prospects of nuclear industry development, use of nuclear technologies in medicine, industry and agriculture, the impact of nuclear industry on the environment and methods to reduce the negative impact on the environment in the world.

Prof. Vasiliy Kornoukhov from MEPhI noted that sustainable development of modern economy requires technological progress in various fields of human activity. In addition to power generation, nuclear technologies are widely used in agriculture, medicine, ecology, etc. A detailed analysis on how nuclear energy can be implemented in these spheres of our lives and be used for research was offered to the students. The speakers noted that in order to appreciate the science and technology underlying modern nuclear technologies and prospects for their use in the future it is important for specialists to have certain skills, and these must be developed by young scientists in their student years.

More than 300 people from South Africa attended the lectures. The students noted the relevance of the topics and the quality of the content of the educational program, which allowed them to get a full picture of the various non-energy uses of the peaceful atom.

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Coast Region is Well Prepared for KCPE and KCSE 2021 Exams Says Region Commissioner



The Coast Region is well prepared for KCPE and KCSE 2021 Exams, the Regional Commissioner has assuredoast Regional Commissioner John Elungata has pointed out that the candidates and exam managers’ will get adequate security within the examination Centres during this year’s national examinations.

Coast Regional Commissioner, John Elungata address the Press.

The commissioner said: “There will be enough security personnel manning all the examination Centres and adequate vehicles to transport the examination materials.”

KCPE and KCSE exams are being kept in cargo containers ,  and manned by the police. The containers shall only be opened by the Deputy County Commissioners in a company of Sub County Directors of Education. They are the only authorities to have keys for exam containers.

“We have been doing exams for ages and we have been using the tactics that started in Matiangi time in the minister of education, whereby we have been using containers to keep exam where they are only taken care by the (Deputy County Commissioner) and County Director of Education to ensure the care is safe and doesn’t end up in hands of anyone else,” said region boss.

Police security manning exams KCSE and KCPE 2022.

Candidates are expected to begin their national exams come Monday next week this include Kenya certificate of primary education and Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examinations countrywide.

The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) a total number of 1, 2265, 507, candidates have registered for the 2021 KCPE and 831,015 students are accepted to sit for will sit for KCSE for 2021 calendar.

Speaking in Taita Taveta county Elungata said all the examination measures has been put in order and tight security will be provide to ensure o cheating of the during the whole exercise.
“In coast region we are ready for the exams we have arranged the securities, vehicles for transportation, invigilators we will protect them and ensure they are escorted,” he said.

The senior administrator said the government has sent extra security personnel to all schools in the troubled Lamu County adding that candidates are assured of their safety as they sit for the exams.

“In Lamu we have General Service Unit (GSU) and we are working together with the security committee to ensure that they receive the exams so if incase the vehicles can’t go then we will plane or even if walking is necessary then we will walk because there are enough police,” said Elungata.

He also said there have deploy more security to all examination Centres and schools in Lamu in order to ensure the learners are provided with safe and peaceful environment.

“These exams are very important to all the candidates, it’s a must for all for them to sit for the exams weather they are sick and in hospitals or whatever circumstances to move to next level of education,” he added.

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Universities Urged to Invest In Research and Innovation To Boost Globally Competitiveness

Universities in the country have been grappling with limited capacity to research and innovate, and in the Meru University workshop, the management was looking on how they can embrace best practice to make it globally more competitive.



Principal Secretary University Education and Research Ambassador Simon Nabukwesi after the opening of Meru University joint workshop in Mombasa on Tuesday 22nd Feb 2022

Principal Secretary University Education and Research Ambassador. Simon Nabukwesi has encouraged university managements to embrace research and innovation in line with emerging global trends so that they can be globally competitive.

Speaking after opening Meru University of Science and technology management joint workshop in Mombasa, Nabukwesi said universities should offer solutions to the developments of the country by churning out full baked grandaunts.

“The outputs from universities should be globally competitive and fit for the development needs of our nation for example research and innovation and commercialization and capacity building within the university for students,” said Nabukwesi.

Universities in the country have been grappling with limited capacity to research and innovate, and in the Meru University workshop, the management was looking on how they can embrace best practice to make it globally more competitive.

“This workshop is very important, and timely in terms of thinking about education of relevance of the quality education, empowerment of learners, and mentorship of learners, through good teaching and of course the university should coordinate them on how to manage that,” said Nabukwesi.

Prof: Bosire Monari of Meru University of Science and Technology in Momnasa during opening of the University joint workshop on Tuesday Feb 22-2022

Nabukwesi urged the higher learning institutions to exercise very high Prudence management of resources, mobilization of resources and planning as well.

Meru University Council Prof Bosire Monari, chairperson ,said the workshop will provide a good opportunity for the university management and council to evaluate their performance and how they can do better by ensuring quality teaching, research and service to the community.

Participants in the meeting attended by PS Nabukwesi.

“We are here as Council and Management to evaluate our performance, and focus on how we can do even better as a University. Our setup is quality teaching, research and commence service to the community as Meru University is strongly committed to give best education not only in Kenya but globally grow pipeline innovation and new industry that will help on making our own audits and finance management according to the standard as required by the government,” said Prof: Monari.

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