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Parents Urged To Monitor Media Content Their Children Are Exposed To

Protecting innocent children from exposure to harmful content is a societal responsibility and a collective duty and called upon content creators, artists, broadcasters, film distributors, film exhibitors to behave responsibly and professionally in safeguarding the welfare of children and their moral values.



Kenya Film Classification Board KFCB has advised parents, caregivers, and guardians to be more vigilant and monitor  the content their children are exposed to through various media platforms during the festive season.

KFCB North Rift Regional Manager, Emmanuel Mbutu, said parents need to appropriately guide their children on media content they get exposed to.

“This will help safeguard our children and future leaders from exposure to harmful content, adult content or content that would corrupt their morality.

Some of the content that our children are being exposed to on the various media platforms constitutes violence and crime, sex, obscenity and nudity, drug and other substance abuse, foul language, radicalization, propaganda for war, hate speech, and incitement, observed Mbutu.

He reiterated that protecting innocent children from exposure to harmful content is a societal responsibility and a collective duty and called upon content creators, artists, broadcasters, film distributors, film exhibitors to behave responsibly and professionally in safeguarding the welfare of children and their moral values.

The Regional Manager advised children and the youth to consume content that adds value to their lives since harmful content corrupts the good morals of the future generation.

Mbutu singled out social media as the main source of harmful content and called on parents and other stakeholders to closely monitor and guide any child on the dangers of being exposed to harmful media content.

By Kiptanui Cherono

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dijITali Solution Has Eased Doing Business by The Tap of a Button



World over, Business solutions that tap into the simplicity of human lifestyles have emerged to be trendsetters, and, Digitali represents that kind of innovation.
Dijitali was founded at a time when Kenya like most other countries were reeling from the economic effects of the pandemic – job loss, multinationals closing shop, hypermarkets re-engineering their business models…etc
As a last mile solution, Dijitali has provided respite for many businesses that were struggling with losing their grip by relying on the way they have done business over the years.
Take a look at the last mile challenge of any company looking to reach their target market, be it customers, sales staff or users. Whether they are an e-commerce, logistics, marketing, ed-tech or last mile fulfilment company, they can plug in into dijITali, and access the 72% of the country’s population that is outside Nairobi and its environs. This unique B2B solution enables businesses without a physical presence to go beyond social media and reach an untapped market.
DigITali is an innovation creating a multiplier effect in business. It has an expanding user engagement and reach across Kenya. This solution has expansive reach visible in 45 out of 47 counties. It has increased access to digital centres with a significant local footprint and community engagement. The potential of accessing a network of 500+ digital centres as solution partners with a reach of over 500,000 site gives an opportunity for high growth, and the ability to meet the youth who are helping businesses grow.

Proverbial IT gurus have predicted the digital explosion. This means that Cybercafés are here to stay, and with them an expanded offering of services from reimagining the future of work, ICT inclusion in education and access to government services.

Among our use cases is how Dijitali enabled one of their clients, Market Force, to reach over 500+ digital centres spread across 45 counties with a local footing and community knowledge in a span of less than 3 months. Market Force were looking to increase their footing in the peri and rural areas but the conversion rate was too low. They reached out to Dijitali a solution partner and within three months of engagement, their conversion rate in the peri and rural areas has increased and continues to increase.
There is great potential in this B2B2C model: digital engagement for your target market with a local customized approach, expansion into peri-urban and rural untapped markets, real consumer insights from first-hand feedback from consumers – the use cases are a mile long.
By supporting more of the communities they are in and acting as digital translators, Dijitali Centres are creating an impact by reducing the digital divide, contributing to global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to the governments Big Four agenda and Kenya Vision 2030 by job creation and offering work to ever growing numbers of jobless youth.

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Huawei: Innovating Nonstop for Faster Digitalization

Huawei hosts HUAWEI CONNECT 2021 online from September 23 to October 31. The theme of this year’s event is Dive into Digital. We’re going to dive deep into the practical application of technologies like cloud, AI, and 5G in all industries, and how they can make organizations of all shapes and sizes more efficient, more versatile, and ultimately more resilient as we move towards economic recovery.



Huawei: Innovating Nonstop for Faster Digitalization (Source: Huawei Enterprise

Huawei’s ( annual flagship event for the global ICT industry – HUAWEI CONNECT 2021 – kicked off on Sep 23, 2021. Huawei Rotating Chairman Eric Xu opened the event with a keynote speech titled “Innovating Nonstop for Faster Digitalization”.

This year’s event, themed “Dive into Digital”, explores how digital technology can better integrate with business scenarios and industry know-how to address critical business challenges, and how stakeholders can work together more effectively to foster an open industry ecosystem and drive shared success. The event is scheduled to have four keynotes, five summits, and 66 sessions, featuring more than 200 speakers, including industry visionaries, business leaders, top tech experts, and ecosystem partners. It will be live streamed in 11 languages on Huawei’s corporate website and by its media partners. The event will also feature online exhibitions, remote visits to exhibition halls, and open panel discussions, enabling online interaction and one-stop experiences.

In his keynote, Xu spoke about how helping industries go digital is a critical aspect of Huawei’s mission to bring digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world.

Xu said, “Digital development relies on digital technology. For digital technology to stay relevant, we must continue to innovate and create value. Cloud, AI, and networks are three critical digital technologies.” Xu then shared some of the progress Huawei has made in these three areas, what Huawei is doing to enable low-carbon development, and where the industry as a whole is heading.

Xu explained that HUAWEI CLOUD, the company’s cloud service that was launched just four years ago, has already brought together more than 2.3 million developers, 14,000 consulting partners, and 6,000 technology partners, and also made more than 4,500 services available in the HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace. It has become an important platform for Internet companies, enterprises, and governments alike to take their organizations digital.

At the event, Xu launched the industry’s first distributed, cloud-native service called UCS – a ubiquitous cloud-native service available on HUAWEI CLOUD. With UCS, Huawei plans to provide enterprises with a consistent experience while using cloud-native applications that are not constrained by geographical, cross-cloud, or traffic limitations, thereby accelerating digital transformation in all industries.

Huawei’s full-stack, all-scenario AI portfolio released back in 2018 is also progressing as expected. Its MindSpore framework has become the mainstream AI computing framework in China. Meanwhile, the Atlas 900 cluster, as well as the cloud services based on it, currently serve more than 300 enterprises, supporting the training of many models which include the HUAWEI CLOUD Pangu large models. HUAWEI CLOUD ModelArts has made AI application development incredibly simple with its full-pipeline, scenario-based services. The end goal of ModelArts is to enable each and every engineer to independently develop their own AI applications.

Xu also introduced Huawei’s innovations in the network domain. As organizations go digital, they tend to see exponential growth in network complexity. To tackle this, Huawei has been innovating solutions for global networks based on the concept of autonomous driving network (ADN). The company has been working with customers in the finance, education, and healthcare sectors to innovate and deploy new applications, and build networks that are self-fulfilling, self-healing, self-optimizing, and autonomous.

Xu went on to explain how Huawei is using digital technology to support low-carbon development, as part of global efforts to achieve peak CO2 emissions and carbon neutrality. Specifically, Huawei focuses on three key initiatives:

  1. Investing and innovating in energy-saving technologies to deliver more energy-efficient ICT products for a low-carbon ICT industry;
  2. Investing in innovations where power electronics and digital technologies converge to promote clean energy and the digitalization of traditional energy; and
  3. Providing digital technology to help all sectors go digital and low-carbon.

Zhang Ping’an, CEO of Cloud BU and President of Huawei Consumer Cloud Service, elaborated on HUAWEI CLOUD’s strategic initiatives and launched new services and products at the event. “The key to successful digital transformation is to think cloud native and act cloud native,” said Zhang. “HUAWEI CLOUD joins our customers and partners to dive into digital and explore the potential of Everything as a Service – Infrastructure as a Service for global accessibility, Technology as a Service for flexible innovation, and Expertise as a Service for shared excellence.” Zhang announced two new Regions in Mexico and China’s Ulanqab, and launched 10 new HUAWEI CLOUD services. The announcement included MacroVerse – HUAWEI CLOUD aPaaS, OptVerse AI Solver, HUAWEI CLOUD Stack 8.1, SparkRTC – a real-time audio and video service, and Pangu, a large model for drug molecules.

Customers and partners in attendance included Christophe Ozer, Head of Orange Cloud (Orange Flexible Engine) APAC; Wu Qiang, Vice President of Tianjin Port Holdings; Chen Haining, General Manager of IT Dept from Shanghai Pudong Development Bank; and Jiang Chuanrong, Chairman of Shanghai Mirror Pictures. They described their experience of joint innovation with Huawei in their digital transformation. Wu Qiang said, “Tianjin Port is one of the world’s top 10 ports, with an annual throughput of nearly 20 million containers. The HUAWEI CLOUD OptVerse AI Solver helps us improve our planning speed by more than 100 times based on tens of millions of variables and constraints, maximize resource scheduling, and supercharge operation efficiency.”

Xu concluded his speech with, “Nonstop innovation has been the driving force behind digitalization thus far. Moving forward, if we hope to reach more ambitious goals for digitalization, nonstop innovation will continue to be key. So let’s innovate nonstop for a better future.”

Huawei hosts HUAWEI CONNECT 2021 online from September 23 to October 31. The theme of this year’s event is Dive into Digital. We’re going to dive deep into the practical application of technologies like cloud, AI, and 5G in all industries, and how they can make organizations of all shapes and sizes more efficient, more versatile, and ultimately more resilient as we move towards economic recovery.

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Canon, an Offical Provider of Expo 2020, Launches Special Series of Frontiers of Innovation Events



DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, September 1, 2021/ — Canon (, an Official Provider of Expo 2020 Dubai and the first company ever to be the single provider of imaging and printing for a World Expo, has launched a special series of its monthly online Frontiers of Innovation broadcasts to celebrate the partnership.

Canon Middle East launched the Frontiers of Innovation series five years ago, bringing together industry experts to discuss technological innovations and evolving trends, and look for actionable solutions to pressing challenges. It provides a valuable platform to enable thought leaders to share their ideas, insights and experiences and serves to raise awareness of the Canon brand and its technology, and to drive innovation.

The Frontiers of Innovation @Expo 2020 events will be hosted jointly on Canon’s EMEA LinkedIn page ( They will focus on topics that are relevant to audiences in the UAE and the wider Middle East and Africa. While mostly business-oriented, some of the broadcasts will be equally relevant to the general public, especially those interested in travel, photography and filmmaking.

Mai Youssef, Corporate Communications and Marketing Services Director, Canon Middle East and Canon Central and North Africa, commented: “Featuring some of the best minds in the region from a range of sectors discussing key issues of our time, Frontiers of Innovation is an important aspect of Canon’s external communications. The subjects discussed reflect our commitment to the environment, empowering talent, innovation and the future. This joint initiative with Expo 2020 is part of our ongoing commitment to drive innovation and generate solutions to support businesses in various sectors across the Middle East and Africa.”

Dina Storey, Director – Sustainability Operations, Sustainability-Real Estate from Dubai Expo 2020 commented: “Our joint venture with Canon Middle East will create an important platform to discuss key issues that are cropping up in the photography and filmography world. With a large focus on sustainability and innovation – two things that are extremely important to us at Dubai Expo 2020 – we’re able to create a better future for young artists and encourage more people to join this inspiring community.”

The series will kickstart this September 2021, with a session which will focus on the print industry in the run up to International Print Day, reflecting on how the industry has changed in recent years – especially in the light of the pandemic – and how it is evolving to meet future needs. Future monthly sessions will consider issues including: Steps towards a more sustainable future, the information security battle, what the next decade holds for the tourism sector, how to empower future filmmakers, photojournalists and content creators, creating workplaces that support good mental health and empowering women.

World Expos are festivals of culture, technology, innovation, design and human brilliance that usually take place once every five years in a major international city. Hosted by Dubai, UAE, Expo 2020, which was originally supposed to take place in October 2020 but was delayed due to the pandemic, will be the first World Expo to take place in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region. Expo 2020’s theme is ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, recognising the importance of collaboration and partnership for growth.

“Like Expo 2020, Canon is dedicated to inspiring a more sustainable future,” added Mai Youssef. “Our three pillars, Future of People, Future of Planet and Future of Possibility, tie in with the Expo sub-themes, Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability. We’re delighted to be collaborating on this special series of broadcasts and hope it will enable us to reach and inspire even more people.”

Canon Europe is the EMEA strategic headquarters of Canon Inc., a global provider of imaging technologies and services. Canon Europe has operations in roughly 120 countries, with approximately 13,300 employees and contributes to around a quarter of Canon’s global revenues annually. Founded in 1937, the desire to continuously innovate has kept Canon at the forefront of imaging excellence throughout its 80 plus year history and has commitments to invest in the right areas and capture growth opportunities, from cameras to commercial printers, and business consultancy to healthcare technologies. Canon’s corporate philosophy is Kyosei (‘living and working together for the common good’. In EMEA, Canon Europe pursues sustainable business growth, focusing on reducing its own environmental impact and supporting customers to reduce theirs using Canon’s products, solutions and services. Canon is constantly redefining the world of imaging for the greater good. Through its technology and spirit of innovation, it pushes the bounds of what is possible – helping to see our world in ways we never have before. Further information about Canon Europe is available at:

Canon Central and North Africa (CCNA)

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